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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on "My family". Reply To: Write an essay on "My family".

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 25, 2021 at 7:43 pm
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    Family is the basic structure of a society. From the family we starts to live. As a small child his life is in between his father mother and siblings. Later he grew up and show his character what he gets from his family. To develop a good nation, family plays a key role.

    For every living creature family is their strength and weakness. We can see that every animals have their family, Kangaroo carries her child on her stomach, monkeys are live in tree with whole of its family, it shares food. And hornbill, which signifies the symbol of love and family, the male hornbill gives food to the egg laying female hornbill to the tree. She can’t went out. If her partner died during that time, the female bird and its baby died in that tree without getting food.

    In my life my family is my first World. Here we can see different roles that a father, mother and children plays. My mother is a good cook, motivator, teacher, friend, sister,time manager etc. My father is the guider, one who do all things that we wishes, carer, protecter, teacher, friend etc. My brother is my friend, companion, trouble maker, advisor. They always stand with me either in a good or bad situation. I first share all incidents to them. They can correct me. Through my family i get the ability to face any problems.

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