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Activity Discussion General Discussion How can teenagers concentrate in their career rather than other distractions? Reply To: How can teenagers concentrate in their career rather than other distractions?

  • Tejasri

    May 26, 2021 at 4:46 pm
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    Teenage is a certain age at which the boy or a girl chooses a current path or a wrong path in their lives. This is the age at which the individual cannot decide which is right and which is wrong. It is a tough situation to decide what to do. Most of the times, the teenagers take wrong decisions in the teenage because of some distractions and go for a wrong path in their lives. The distractions in their life lead to the spoilage of the career.

    This is the Is it which the teenager must focus on the career without getting distracted. Focusing on career and reaching the goals is a very important task in everybody’s life. Many of the circumstances will come and go but ultimately the thing is only the way how we have dealt with it. No one needs what we are going through and what are we doing but everyone looks at the results which many of the teenagers fail to do.

    There are many distractions like social media, interest on other fields etc. But, the individual must focus on the career and must not step back. Sometimes when the teenagers fail to do a particular thing in their life, they commit suiside. It is a very dangerous habit which a teenager should not posses. When the individual fails in the situation, he or she should not look back and must focus on the future. They Shouldn’t cry over the failures rather they should get up and walk into the future with more boldness and courage.

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