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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Non verbal communication. Reply To: Non verbal communication.

  • Anushree

    May 26, 2021 at 5:20 pm
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    Communication is one of the most basic skill requirements to stand up in today’s professional world. Communication opens new doors of success by building network and it has become an integral part of the human society. Many of us has the misconception that communication can only be verbal or written basically these are the type of communication that we are generally familiar with. But non-verbal communication also plays a major role in judging oneself. Non-verbal communication basically means communicating with a person or a group of people not through the means of voice or any writing means. Non-vernal skills of communication can be basically divided in to six types which include various gestures, movement of the head or hands, facial expression, eye contact, Touch and space each of them is induvial and collectively important.

    Non verbal communication plays a major role in interview to judge a person quickly on the basis of all the aspects it also helps in building strong public relations which is again a very important factor in the professional world. It is a very powerful means and can make or break personality through it. No non-verbal communication skills give a very bad and incompatible mark on a person so one should definitely master non-verbal communication skills.

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