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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What is conjunctions? Reply To: What is conjunctions?

  • Ishita

    May 27, 2021 at 11:49 am
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    Conjunction is a very important part of our grammar learning. It is a very important part of the 8 parts of speech. Grammar without conjunction is impossible to understand. So let’s learn it.

    Conjunction definition:-

    Conjunction is kind of parts of speech which is a used to join two words, phrases and sentences.

    Example:- and, so or, but, as, because, yet, though, when, etc.

    I don’t want to go because I am sick.

    I want a pen and a pencil.

    I was so happy so I went out.

    In this sentences you can see the words so, because, and is use to join two words sentences and phrases so it is conjunction.

    Types of conjunction:-

    There are three kinds of conjunction, which can help us to identify the conjunction from the sentences, so the three types are-

    Coordinating conjunction

    Subordinating conjunction

    Correlative conjunction

    Coordinating conjunction:- coordinating conjunction is a kind of conjunction which is use to connect two equally important words, sentences and phrases.

    Example:- and, nor, but, yet, or, so ,soon etc

    I like to wear a jeans and a top.

    She is stubborn but loyal.

    I can have tea or coffee.

    I have a headache so I eat medicine.

    Subordinating conjunction:-

    subordinating conjunction is a kind of conjunction which is use to connect independent clause to a dependent clause.

    Example:- although, as, before, once, weather, if,because etc.

    Always wash your hand before eating.

    If she wasn’t there , I can be in a big trouble.

    I can’t go school because I am sick.

    You can go now as your work is over.

    Correlative conjunction:- Correlative conjunction is a kind is a group of conjunction which is use to connect sentences.

    Example:- either-or, neither-nor, as-as, no sooner, rather-than, both -and, not only-but also etc.

    She can use both her right and left hand.

    If you want to win the race run as fast as you can.

    He is neither a good man nor kind.

    Satyajit ray is not only a film maker but also a writer.

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