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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Science Reply To: Science

  • Anushree

    May 27, 2021 at 1:32 pm
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    Today the world is running over technology and it has almost replaced mechanical workforce by technological advancements. The branch of study dealing with the basic technological field is Engineering, it is then further divided into the various aspect of interest such as electrical, computer-science, mechanical and numerous more. Technology deals with application as well as invention of machineries and various other mechanism to move forward. Technology is an ever-growing process which is going through great innovations and advancements in the present days, without technology the complete human race will be inactive today. Technological advancements are an integral part and is very important. Technological advancement foster innovation and helps us to grow in each and every part of our life.

    Technological advancements are very important in today’s date be for advancement in the transportation system, the educational world or the professional world everything required technology. Moreover, in this pandemic situation we all are completely dependent on the technology because we need to access everything sitting at our home, this would have been an impossible task without technology coming into play.

    Today we are witnessing the technology of Artificial Intelligence and the technology of super computers in the developing stage and with each step these advanced technologies are making the required human effort easier.

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