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Activity Discussion Essay Essay: How should one determine their career path in life? Reply To: Essay: How should one determine their career path in life?

  • Anushree

    May 27, 2021 at 6:54 pm
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    Deciding career is the most major decision taken by someone in life as because one’s life nowadays completely depends on the career one possesses. The basic education remains the same for everyone up to the age of 16, in this period children are taught about all the basic knowledge required to stand up in life and develop their brain. After this in our country students are given three broad career paths i.e., Science, commerce and arts which has several other paths from them.

    Deciding career is a very crucial part and taking a wrong decision make cost a lot to a person. One should decide one’s future completely by himself/ herself, on their personal interest and strong points, rather than taking decisions under peer pressure or the force of parents or any guide. Career should always be chosen on things which one will enjoy doing for a long time and thus one should have keen interest in the field which one chooses as a career path.

    Apart from everything one should always keep in mind that life always gives ample amount of opportunity and all of us should always have a plan B. So its very important to always have a positive approach towards life and do everything on one’s will and strong points.

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