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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 28, 2021 at 9:51 pm
    Not Helpful

    Everyone are struggling during this lockdown time. There is no way to get out from the home and live the life before the arrival of corona. It is better to stay in the house to break the chains. Arrival of corona completely changed the life of entire mankind. We can’t see the beautiful smile of others, can’t sit together in a public place, school, parks, theatre or hotel. Can’t gather more than ten people. This is our new normal. We want to accept it.

    Children are very tired and stressed while spending their time in the house, mainly the children who lives in the appartments and flats. They don’t have courtyard or small places to walk. From Monday to Friday they have online classes and homeworks, exams. They sometimes addicted to the usage of social medias. For parents, they can help the children to complete their homeworks and studies. If the able parents can attend the online classes of their kids and later teach the children. This helps them to have some relaxation. Children can find their own talent and skills. This time they can try to increase the strength of their talent. Do some physical exercises within the house. Try to learn new things about the families of both mother and father. Parents can share stories about their childhood. This helps the children to being more active and this is a boosting for the parents to memorize their early life.

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