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  • Kumari

    May 29, 2021 at 2:31 pm
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    Group discussion or GD is a platform where people come together and share their idea and view on a particular topic which can be technical, factual or a case study. All its pros and cons are to be discussed.The very first way for a healthy group discussion is to get the topic from advance so that the participants can come by being prepared and research about it throughly . In a healthy group discussion the participants don’t cut each other’s talk and give each other opportunity to add to the conversation.
    For a group discussion to be effective and healthy some of the things should he kept in the kind:-
    • All the members should get an opportunity to speak.
    • All the members have the right to present their ideas and thoughts in front of others.
    • All the members should listen to the an individual’s ideas and thoughts open mindedly.
    • All the members should give an honest feedback, positive or negative and in case of negative it should be told very decently.
    • Argument should be based on the facts and researches based on the case study of the topic and not on each other’s personality or personal issues.
    • Even if there is a disagreement the group should be together to solve the dispute and the one who has the idea how it can made better should come forward and share decently.
    Goals of a group discussion:-
    • It can be for the admission in a college or job opportunities.
    • It can be for the discussion on a policy or policy change.
    • To create a strategy for a company’s betterment.
    • Solve a conflict or a problem.
    • Create collaborative or cooperative efforts among the members of an organization.
    • To come on a certain conclusion from different ideas.

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