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  • Soniya

    May 30, 2021 at 2:33 am
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    Studying is very important in our life as it helps us to gain knowledge and understanding of our own surroundings. Which helps us to cope with all the situations in a better way that all the experiences that we have with studying our brain becomes enriched and get power to fight with all the problems and tensions.

    Studying should be made compulsory for everyone as not everyone can afford studying in a good School. Only then India can become a developed country. As we all know that some students are very keen on studying while others are not. They don’t find studying very interesting and always try to run away from it. If studying can be made interesting then surely the shape of children will understand the importance of studying. Here I have listed some tips which can help in making studying interesting for children who don’t like it.

    Always try to have a interactive conversation with the children while making them study. Don’t just go on reading and explaining. Try to involve the children in a healthy conversation about the topic being taught.

    Children are visual learners so it’s better to teach them with the help of relevant pictures and videos it will help the children to remember the topics more nicely and it would also increase the concentration powers of children.

    Help them to use their own imaginative powers. Also try to involve the class in a healthy competition, this would instill feeling of competitiveness as well as also increase the concentration.

    Always motivate the children even if they stumble down few times. This would help in gain more confidence and learn the never give up attitude.

    Try to make the learning process fun by involving worksheets and fun activities that will help to keep their interest brewing.

    <font face=”inherit”>Although studying can can seem a bit boring </font>to<font face=”inherit”> some students but it if proper steps are taken </font>they<font face=”inherit”> will soon start enjoying it like others.</font>

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