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Activity Discussion Essay Why we celebrate Mother’s Day? Reply To: Why we celebrate Mother’s Day?

  • Anushree

    May 31, 2021 at 7:55 pm
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    MOTHER’S DAY is observed in an international platform just to respect all the mothers out there for which the world is standing together today. Though we all agree to the fact that one particular day is not enough to show respect to such a personality but on the other hand we should also have a special day to create some special moment atleast to show the gratitude, love and respect. Like we all have one specific date under the name of our birthday to celebrate our lives and all other important dates.

    Mother’s Day not only shows gratitude and love but its energies and motivates all the mothers out there and helps them to carry on their endless roles in the family and also in the world. A mother is a role model for a child, a child spends mostly all of the childhood with a mother and is their ideal.

    A mother looks towards her children, family and even the outside world and takes care of all the things by her own self, sacrificing a lot in the journey and walks towards her goals rather the goals of her entire family. A mother is irreplaceable and deserves the highest love and respect in this world.

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