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Activity Discussion Essay Do you think overpopulation is an important environmental issue? Reply To: Do you think overpopulation is an important environmental issue?

  • tanya

    June 2, 2021 at 12:55 am
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    Overpopulation is that unwanted condition in which the number of existing people surpasses the actual capacity of the Earth. There are many causes for this problem. There can be a drop in the death rate of people, or maybe if the birth rate increases then also a place can be a victim of overpopulation.

    There may be several effects of overpopulation. Let us take the example of India for this. The population of India is nearly 136.64 crores. The resources in India are very limited. And if people start increasing, those resources won’t be able to suffice the whole population. A similar thing happens with coal, oil, fossil fuels, etc. Because of the problem of overpopulation, nature is also getting affected. The issues like deforestation, pollution, etc are increasing because of overpopulation. Even the problem like unemployment is there in India because of overpopulation. More the number of people, decreasing are the number of jobs in the country. The number of theft cases increases because the number of people in India is too much. Unemployment persists in the country and thereafter people think it is easy to earn some money through stealing. It also becomes unhygienic because of overpopulation. One catches a disease, then that disease spreads among many people and their safety gets at stake. Poverty also develops when there are more people than required. Sometimes, people do not get to eat anything and they have to starve for food.

    There was a notion that ran in our country that was “Hum do hamare do” which clearly meant to have only 2 kids per family. If people believe in family planning, overpopulation can be controlled in the country. Better education can only teach people the idea and reasons behind family planning.

    It is a major environmental concern these days. And we should take some measures to control the problem.

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