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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is life? Reply To: What is life?

  • Anushree

    June 2, 2021 at 6:31 pm
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    The famous writer William Shakespeare in one of his poems stated that life is a stage where we all entre through birth and exit through death and in between we do our chores. Life is the most beautiful gift which each and everyone of us has received from the almighty and should be grateful about the same.

    Life according to me is a journey to search for truth and walk in the path of truth, we all do face a lot of ups and downs in life but at the same time life only gives us the directions to walk through in those tough times and come out with flying colors. Life is a journey to work hard and establish oneself. Life teaches us a lot of lessons in its due course of time. Everyday we become rich with some or the other experience, life makes us accustomed with changes and teaches us that the changes are the only constant which exist. Life is not the same always its full of hurdles and hardships and overcoming the challenges which we face in our path is the main motive of life. The lessons which life gives us helps us to understand this world and its people and thus helps to survive.

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