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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is menopause? Reply To: What is menopause?

  • Sakchi

    June 3, 2021 at 8:35 am
    Not Helpful

    Menopause is the situation when the natural menstruation process is ceased. It is occurred in females as you know. Firstly I would like to define what is menstruation . When the female egg is not fertilized the egg along with uterus lining shed off in the form of blood. It start at the time of puberty and the conditions is called menarche.

    When this process is stop the situation is called menopause . It is generally occurred at the age of 43-45 in females . After menopause the female cannot have the reproductive quality and hence connot conceive .

    Hope you will be satisfied with my answer!!

    Thank you!!

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