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Activity Discussion General Discussion Money cannot buy all the happiness. Reply To: Money cannot buy all the happiness.

  • Aruja

    June 3, 2021 at 1:35 pm
    Not Helpful

    We all know that everything that is made by human it causes advantage and disadvantage both. But the thing that is created by nature never causes any harm to anyone. It is always for the benefit for every living organism. Money, it is a piece of paper which is created by human to run the economy. But now it has become everything to a human being whether you talk about the status in the society or the relationship status or the relationship with your life. People think that without money you are nothing and somewhere it is true. Without money you cannot live as you wish. Without money you cannot stand in front of someone who have something to give you. You cannot buy food. You cannot buy house to live. You cannot buy a car to drive. But you can gain this thing, achieve these thing by your hard work, efforts, by your nature, personality and character. Apart from the importance of the money in today’s Era there is a fact that nobody can change. That you cannot buy everything. Some times if you want something you need to pay for it that is not money. It can be your feelings, your love, your care, your time, your efforts, your hard work to achieve success which give you money. For that also you need to put your hard work, efforts and time rather than putting money and buying the success. Same how you can buy a luxurious bed but you cannot buy sleep. You can buy everything you want to eat but you cannot buy appetite. You can buy a expensive watch but you cannot buy time for yourself and your loved ones. Never let anything rule your life whether it’s materialistic goods, some other person or mony.

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