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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the health benefits of eating lemon? Reply To: What are the health benefits of eating lemon?

  • Shweta

    June 4, 2021 at 10:47 am
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    Health benefits are very much important for our body and it is surely needed to be known by everyone that what kind of foods and nutrients should be intake to keep ourselves healthy. Here we are talking about lemon. As we all know that lemon is the rich source of vitamin C , which not only helps you in one or two ways but it provides many facilities to your body which the body requires.

    Lemon, is a citrus fruit being a good source of vitamin C firstly helps you with your digestion system. In taking a lemon with water everyday can improve your digestion and you will not feel heavy with your eatings.

    Secondly, the lemon helps to cleanse your body. In taking lemon remove all the harmful substance which you had intake from your body and you will feel fresh.

    It reduces the risk of cancer and other disease as well. Vitamin C is a rich source which helps to make your skin glow. In taking lemon with water helps to get a glow on your face.

    Lemons also helps in detoxing your body and maintains your weight. It helps in a rapid weight loss which is mostly preferred by the professionals as well..

    It helps in preventing the kidney stones as well. Lemons helps you in many ways. So one should always add lemon into their diet and see the result and the transformation.

    We should remember that lemon is acidic, so the consumption of it should be limited. More consumption can give you negative results as well. Intake of one lemon everyday will give you more of benefits.

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