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Activity Discussion General Discussion Pros and cons of work from home. Reply To: Pros and cons of work from home.

  • Aashutosh

    June 4, 2021 at 11:18 pm
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    Pros of work from home is as follows:

    More independence: Work from home provide Independence with work that is absent in physical work.

    Fewer expenses: The traveling expenses or any other expense are quite less as compared to Physical work. Fuel cost or traveling cost is greatly reduced.

    Increased productivity: Being able to take a break from your work whenever you feel tired can help you stay motivated and reduce burn-out. Overall it will make you more productive.

    Improved technical skills: Work from home make you communicating friendly by insisting you communicate via online mode making you more technical friendly.

    Improved communication skills: It will help you improve your communication skills with team coordinators and managers.

    More work flexibility: You have more work flexibility in work from home. You will flexibly work hours or can adjust your time accordingly.

    No office distractions: There will be no distraction in work from home as you will be alone in your comfortable environment.

    Build professional networks: Working with diverse people from different connections can build your professional network.

    Grants and incentives: Depending on the industry you work in and where you live, you may be eligible for various grants or telecommuting incentives

    Reduction in work absences: Whether you’re sick or have to schedule an important appointment, working from home can reduce how often you need to take a day off.

    Increased satisfaction: Employee satisfaction in remote positions may be higher because of the flexibility in performing their jobs. Your decision will be independent, not biased in any situation.

    Provides more job opportunities: Remote positions can open up additional job opportunities for individuals with limitations to working in traditional roles.

    Cons are as follows:

    Increased isolation: You can become quite isolated working from home if you spend the majority of your time by yourself, working independently.

    Home office costs: Some remote positions require specific equipment like headsets, webcams, or software to perform essential tasks and projects

    Risk of overworking: There’s always a risk of working longer than you should. This can definitely burn you out and will increase work-related stress.

    Risk to productivity: With the freedom to move around and take breaks whenever the mood arises, it might be difficult to stay focused on the tasks you’re working on.

    Distractions at home: Distractions like the television, pets or household chores can lead to a decrease in your productivity and motivation.

    Workplace disconnect: Woking from home can sometimes lead to a disconnect between you and your coworkers.

    Less face time: With isolation and workplace disconnect as a result we might have less face time.

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