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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is unity important in team? Reply To: Is unity important in team?

  • Anushree

    June 5, 2021 at 8:45 pm
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    We all have been growing up listening to the quote “United we stand and divided we fall” and this is one of the greatest lessons that one gets in life. Unity is a very small word but holds too many things with it. Human beings cannot survive alone every work we do requires support and team commitment be it a homely chore, or a thing to perform something with friends or a professional piece of work out there.

    Unity also helps in maintaining social harmony and peace. It is very likely to face a lot of problems if people in a particular field are not united if they do not support each other in time this creates a mess which keeps on growing and finally results in a great outburst. Unity is a value of life which is taught to students in the very beginning of their primary education but it is not a topic which remains in the text books but need to be dealt practically and should be practiced regularly.

    When we stand united, we stand strong it gives us motivation and positive energy to go towards something and accomplish our goals it also gives us a strong inner feeling that we are not alone and nothing can break us.

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