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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Durga puja. Reply To: Write an essay on Durga puja.

  • Mahima

    June 5, 2021 at 10:53 pm
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    Durga Pooja is a Hindu event that honors the Mother Goddess and commemorates Durga’s victory over the monster Mahisasura. In the Universe, the event celebrates feminine strength as ‘Shakti.’ It is a holiday in which Good triumphs over Evil. Durga Pooja is one of India’s most important festivals. In addition to being a Hindu holiday, it is also a time for family and friend reunions, as well as a ceremony honoring traditional values and practices.


    While the rites call for 10 days of fasting and devotion, the last four days of the festival, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Vijaya-Dashami, are celebrated with a lot of glitz and glam throughout India, particularly in Bengal and abroad.

    Durga Pooja ceremonies vary according to location, customs, and beliefs. Things vary to the point that the event lasts five days in one location, seven days in another, and 10 days in another. Joviality begins on the sixth day, ‘Shashti,’ and concludes on the tenth day, ‘VijayaDashmi.’

    The celebrations begin with Mahalaya when followers entreat that Goddess Durga visits the earth. On this day, they perform Chokkhu Daan, an auspicious rite in which they create the eyes on the Goddess’s statue. On Saptami, people execute rituals to elevate Goddess Durga’s auspicious presence inside the idols after installing her idol.

    Pran Pratisthan is the name given to these rites. It is made up of a miniature banana plant known as a Kola Bou (banana bride), which is bathed in a local river or lake, dressed in a sari, and utilized to transport the Goddess’s sacred spirit.

    Devotees offer prayers to the Goddess and worship her in a variety of ways throughout the festival. On the eighth day, after the evening aarti ceremony, it is customary to conduct a devotional folk dance in front of the Goddess to appease her. While carrying a clay pot filled with burning coconut covering and camphor, this dance is performed to the sounds of drums.

    The devotion culminates on the ninth day with a Maha Aarti. It denotes the conclusion of the primary rites and prayers. Goddess Durga returns to her husband’s home on the festival’s last day, and the goddess Durga’s statues are taken to be immersed in the river. The married ladies make an offering of crimson vermillion powder to the Goddess and use it to brand themselves.

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