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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on child labor. Reply To: Write an essay on child labor.

  • Mahima

    June 5, 2021 at 11:00 pm
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    You may have heard the term “child labor” in the news or movies. It’s a crime in which children are compelled to labor from a young age. It’s the equivalent of asking children to take on responsibilities such as working and fending for themselves. Certain regulations have imposed limits and limitations on children’s employment.

    A youngster is regarded as appropriate to work when he or she is fifteen years old or older. Children under the age of eighteen will not be forced to engage in any form of job. Why is it the case? Because child labor denies children the right to a normal upbringing, a suitable education, and physical and mental health. Although it is outlawed in certain nations, it is still far from being abolished.

    Child labor occurs for a variety of causes. While some of the causes may be universal in certain nations, others are peculiar to certain places and regions. We will be better equipped to combat child labor if we look at what causes it.

    To begin with, it occurs in nations with high levels of poverty and unemployment. When a family’s earnings are insufficient, the children are forced to work to help the family survive. Similarly, if the elders in the family are unemployed, the younger members of the family must fill in for them.

    Furthermore, when individuals lack access to education, they would eventually force their children to work. The ignorant are only concerned with the immediate term, which is why they force children to work to exist in the present.

    Furthermore, numerous businesses’ money-saving attitudes are a big contributor to child labor. They recruit minors because they pay them less than adults for the same task. Youngsters favor children because they labor more than adults and for lower salaries. They have a lot of power over them and can easily manipulate them. They just care about making money, which is why they employ youngsters in factories.

    If we want to end child labor, we must come up with some effective methods that will save our children’s lives. It will also benefit any country coping with these societal concerns in the future. To begin, one can form several unions dedicated only to the prevention of child labor. It should assist youngsters who engage in this activity while penalizing those who force them to do so.

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