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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on child marriage. Reply To: Write an essay on child marriage.

  • Sakchi

    June 7, 2021 at 12:05 pm
    Not Helpful

    Force full marriages of child before 18 is known as child marriage. It is very trending in villages and at remote areas. Child marriage is myth of India . People marriage their child and they think they will become responsibility free.

    Child marriage is one of the very bad practises of India.

    As at the time of playing and studing they wish to be responsible and get marriage. This destroys their career and their future.

    If someone looses there wife or husband than whole life will become burden for the other one.

    Girls also suffer health problems like unwanted pregnancy and pregnancy at very small age. Sometimes girls will also looses her life also.

    There should be strict bann on child marriage . Government should take action against it.

    Hope you will be satisfied with my answer.

    Thank you!!

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