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Activity Discussion Essay essay on respect nature to save ourselves Reply To: essay on respect nature to save ourselves

  • Edutuber

    June 7, 2021 at 9:28 pm
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    The equilibrium of this world rests in the maintenance of nature. If nature or natural resources are disrupted or exploited without any control , it would affect the extinction of many organisms in the surface of the earth. These words may find exaggerated to many readers . But when we look at the facts, it needs to be identified as a global truth. Let’s consider the plight of dodo. They were present on the discovered earth’s atmosphere still some years back. Due to the human intervention on dodo trees it lead to the extinction of a species. This too can be seen on marine life also. Humans are dumping hazardous wastes including radio active wastes from laboratories into the oceans across the world. This results in the disturbance of marine eco system and many oceanic organisms die massively . By consuming fishes and other sea organisms which may have consumed the dead remains of the organisms which may have died sue to chemical poisoning causes many deadly diseases. Even if we evaluate some natural calamities , the waste materials dumped at marine sources would be taken to shore massively. It is our responsibility to keep the nature and natural resources conserved for the future.

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