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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My favorite Book. Reply To: Write an essay on My favorite Book.

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 7, 2021 at 9:35 pm
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    For me, all books that I read were always my favourite. I am a bibilophile so that I choose maximum books to read from different genres and languages. Reading books helps us to improve our language, visualisation and knowledge. I choose to read novels, story and poems. The literary language of these three are enterliy different. Poetic language is a kind of mixing of artistic creation with literature. And novels and stories language is about the normal way of talking and have a kind of talk from our own mind. While reading a good work, we became the character of the work. The reader is like a soul that can change the soul from one to others in the book. While reading the book, I reading in the mind not hears the sound to outside but there is a big conversation is going in my heart and mind.

    While reading a book it is better to read its inner line. The author hides their feelings and emotions in the inner line. Most people read by the outer lines and without gets the real idea and state of mind of the author. So like checking by that, my favourite book is “Neermathalam Pootha kaalam” it’s a memoir of Madhavikutty. By writing in English and Hindi works she named herself as Kamala Suraiya and Kamala Das. This memoir was written in Malayalam language. And it is a collection of her cherished nostalgic memories. The book name “Neermathalam Pootha kaalam” means about a flower that only flowers in the summer season. She connects her life events with this flower. And she draws a clear picture of her mothers house, the tharavadu, traditional hous in kerala, the festivals, rituals etc. The reader get different feeling when reading it again and again. It gives a freshness of our traditional life and nostalgia.

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