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Activity Discussion Essay Relationships Reply To: Relationships

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 7, 2021 at 10:12 pm
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    Without any relationship our life is waste. Relationship makes the life beautiful and the good world of mankind. Everyone have relationship. While we are in the womb of our mother, the relationship begins. Later we are in our family we have blood relationship. And in the schools and colleges there is a group of people without any blood relation. But they are something special for us. While in a relationship we are in a comfort zone. We are dedicated to ourselves and others.

    There is a kind of people who impose their own ideas and thoughts upon others. It doesn’t shows a good relationship. It may be a dictatorship. Relationship is like a free bird. No barrier between any thing. Can share the happiness, sadness, things, thoughts, ideas, emotions etc. And the other one is a place for our comfort. Those may be a friend, mother, father, siblings, life partner, teacher or lover. Anyone who knows us well. The relationship doesn’t starts with in a glance. It takes time.

    In the present time, there is some people who derive the term relationship with love. For a strong and healthy relationship needs love and caring. But they ment it as a love relation. There is good friends who were not be lovers but they are in a relation named friendship, but they won’t see that, the generalized it and says that it’s love. And today’s relationship is not healthy. They cannot dedicate to others. And breaks it out when they feel discomfort.

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