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Activity Discussion History Write about the life of Tribal society in ancient Indian. Reply To: Write about the life of Tribal society in ancient Indian.

  • Shivani

    June 8, 2021 at 9:54 am
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    A clan, community, village, city, town, have three major components of the social formation in India. However, in order to draw a clear line between a farm property, which is, in a certain village, and a village, a town, is not so simple, some of which are common to all of them is putting a curse. Some parts of the country and has a huge trunk of the villages, and they are very much different from that of the non-tribal, multi-caste villages, and more.

    The differences are based on the relatives, the wealth and power of some of the rural areas of tribals is just as strong among rural, non-native americans. The stems are not in the theoretical part of the Hindu social organization, but they are always related to the broader society in India. They are exploited economically, and socially, by the people, who belong to a tribe that lives in the tribal areas. Many of the tribes rebelled against the development.

    Article 46 of the Constitution of India states: “the State, with a particular care, fostering, training, and economic interests of the most vulnerable people, especially the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, and to protect the social injustice and all forms of exploitation.” There are strains that are not, the Schedule Tribes (STS), and, in general, the more vulnerable sections of the population, so the Schedule Castes (SCs).

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