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Activity Discussion History Write about the life of Tribal society in ancient Indian. Reply To: Write about the life of Tribal society in ancient Indian.

  • Aruja

    June 8, 2021 at 3:21 pm
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    India is is land of Grand culture coexistence and fusion of people of diverse ethnic stock. Many ethnic group migrated during different period and settle in different area across the Indian subcontinent. Prior to their arrival several other communities were already living in this country. in modern parlance, for all such communities we used the term tribals or adivasi. These communities had their own system of administration of justice and government, social political institutions, customs, practices and Lifestyle. They resided in the remote, inaccessible Highlands and tessellated forest. With the advent of the British the situation underwent a dynamic change.

    In India there are approximately 60 7.7 million Aadivasi. This term literally means original people or inhabitants of the land. The most important sources of the tribal history are ballot and folklore, which are transferred orally from one generation to the another. Government document, individual peasants petitions, administrator proceedings, enquiry Commission reports and their judgements also service important source on tribal history of India.

    In pre colonial Era tribal communities Inhabited the forest and hilly areas. Tribal societies did not have rigid social division akin to other communities in fact they believed in equality. All members of The Tribe owned land. They led a Nomadic Lifestyle. Hunting animals and gathering forest produce was their primary occupation. For instant baigas of Central India and khonds of Odisha habitually went on collective hunts and fishing as well as collected edible fruits and roots. Besides they also used forest produce for medicinal purpose. Those tribals in inhabiting hilly and fostered regions of north east and Central India were engaged in shifting to jhum cultivation. To allow the sun to reach the ground the cultivators burn the vegetation on land and cut the tree tops. The used ash to fertilise the land and scatter the seeds on the land furrowed buy a hoe. After the harvest, land was left fallow for several years. Besides some tribal groups did odd jobs like carrying loads and working in the fields of peasants and the tribal people mostly but read their valuable forest produce for essential commodities.

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