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  • Kumari

    June 9, 2021 at 10:54 pm
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    For the student covid-19 brought a lot of struggle,opportunities and time. Initially when the pandemic started, there was loss of studies and then the whole platform was converted into the online mode. At first teachers too had to face problem to handle the teaching on the internet but gradually with patience and experience everything started going smooth. But there are problems that just cannot be solved like the internet connection,problem in the device. These remain a permanent problem in the online mode of education. But the teachers are trying there best to teach there students well in the easiest way possible. But it has a positive side as well. As the students remain at there home they get a lot of extra time which can be used effectively. With a productive life style, positive outlook and investing the time in a particular direction which is good for the person will definitely give a bright result.
    This pandemic has been a tough experience for the students sitting for an entrance exam. The dates were postponed again and again which demotivated the students. These students were the most effected. Many Upsc aspirants had to sell tea and biscuits and other stall so that they do not have to ask for money from there parents. Postponeding the exam also increased the stress in the student which resulted in declining interest in studies.
    I would suggest such students to continue with there studies not leave it for a long period of time,keep revision, even for 1-2 hour. Regularity is what matters the most. Meditate, exercise and take healthy to keep yourself mentally and physically fit.
    Pandemic and lockdown have been a challenge for the people around the world but all we can do is to wait patiently, with a positive attitude, hoping for a better tomorrow.

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