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  • Aruja

    June 10, 2021 at 7:37 pm
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    From ancient times agriculture has been practiced by human beings. The term agriculture has its origin in the Latin word agri means field and cultural means culture or to cultivate. Thus Agriculture mainly reders to the tilling of fields for growing crop. Agriculture is the most important economic activity. It includes growing crops vegetables, fruits, flowers and rearing of livestock all over the world. 70% of the population is engaged in the agricultural activity, two third of the Indian population is still dependent on agriculture. But now there are many new methods that are introduced in the field of agriculture. Some people only do agriculture for gaining more profit regarlessly the health of the consumer. So they use Chemicals to grow more crops so that they can earn more profit and these types of crop are not healthy, so there is a method that is known as organic farming in which no preservatives no Chemicals are used in the growing of any particular crop.

    Let’s summarise the whole thing, the latest research shows that in modern farming harmful pesticides are used and genetic modifications are done to increase the yield. Organic farming is promoted to prevent the adverse effect of modern farming. New forms based on traditional knowledge has been set up. Crops are cultivated in these farms without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Crops are not genetically modified and the use of indigenous seeds is encourage. Organic products are nutritious and cause no harm to health.

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