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Activity Discussion Essay How to be healthy mentally? Reply To: How to be healthy mentally?

  • Manpreet

    June 10, 2021 at 8:54 pm
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    Being Mentally healthy includes both emotional stability and acting with mindfulness. However, depression, anxiety and stress are never invited by will, it just happens due to overthinking, burdened under loads of work, lacking a healthy lifestyle etc. Thus there are numerous possibilities on how a person loses his mental fitness. Here are some points that might help you regain your mental stability.

    1. Meditation – it is the most powerful way to gain back your mental peace. It not only creates a peaceful balance but also strengthens our ability to think and power to concentrate. A daily meditation of 15 – 30 minutes can easily lead us to peace and harmony.

    2. Yoga and pranayama are a proven help to these problems –

    Get up early in the morning, practice some yoga and pranayama on a daily basis in an open environment. Breathe in the fresh air and exhale your stress out.

    3. Don’t dwell on the past – as it is said, let bygones be gone. Don’t stress over emotional memories of the past. Let it go. Don’t stress over the mistakes of the past. It will lead to nothing but a great turmoil of troublesome thoughts in your head. Once you stop thinking about the memories of the past that has been haunting you – you’ll find yourself internally happy with no anxieties.

    4. Forgive and forget – keeping a grudge will do no good to you. Let it go!! Holding on to your anger will make it impossible for you to find inner peace. It will only harm you. Let go of the anger, forgive and forget – not for the other person but for your inner peace.

    5. Try finding a positive approach of living. Being positive will not just make you feel happy but will also spread positive vibes around you.

    These were a few points that can help you maintain or regain your mental peace. Cultivate your thoughts and actions with an effort that helps you remain peaceful. Let go off the worries and troubles of the past or future. Everything’s uncertain but present. Live in the present. Help yourself heal from within. Take a walk. Grab a book and a cup of coffee. Spend some time with yourself. Admire the beauty of nature. Do something that your heart enjoys, may be singing, dancing or painting or anything that brings peace to your mind. Your peace of mind depends on you.

    Stay safe

    I hope this helps.

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