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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My School. Reply To: Write an essay on My School.

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 10, 2021 at 10:52 pm
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    My school is in the town and it is a convent school run by the missionaries. It is a girls school named St.Mary’s Higher Secondary School. There is no primary section. Starting from fifth standard to tenth. It’s higher secondary section is unaided school so that we prefer to move on to the other government and aided higher secondary schools.

    Our school is in the town but it is partially isolated from the town. So that we don’t have much noise pollutions. The entrance of the school is with gate of medium size note like a giant gate that we are seen in the movies. In the front gate there is a small garden and in the centre of the garden there is a beautiful tree with pink flowers in the flowering time. Moving forward there is front yard with white stones and sand. There is not any part of our yard were done with interlocking or concrete. The school building is divided into different parts tenth section, office section with remaining class rooms, staff room, library and auditorium, hostel area, church, convent, lab area, wash room and ground area. We have three grounds. First ground near the main building is for assembly, the second ground is not big and it is for the upper primary students. The third and big ground is for the high school and higher secondary section. It is also used in the time of sports competition. Near the first ground there is a old building which is very beautiful to see. Our school is built in the time of independence. That is our first class rooms. So our school authorities keep it as a memory of the independence and for the lady named Akkama Cheriyan who is a first women freedom leader in Kerala and who is the student of our school. Near the old building, there is a big and long steps. That steps are roofed with three trees. Those trees have a red coloured flowers in all seasons. Our teachers prefer that steps to take classes when we feel bored while sitting in the classroom. Teacher sat under the tree and we the students sat in the steps.

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