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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My Pet Reply To: Write an essay on My Pet

  • tanya

    June 11, 2021 at 2:33 am
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    Pets are the most adorable creature on this planet. They love us and are always loyal to us. They are always there for us supporting us in many ways. But owning a pet comes with many responsibilities. Many times they act as our protectors as well.

    Pets are not only animals who live with us, but they also become an indispensable part of our life. Just like our family members, they also become a part of our family. I had always wanted a pet but couldn’t get one because my parents didn’t allow me to. But last month, on my birthday I got a beautiful puppy as a birthday present. Its breed is Havanese. They are cute little pups that are adored by everyone. In my family, everyone liked the cute little dog. We decided to name it Bruno.

    Bruno has long and silky hair. It has gained many admirers with its beautiful eyes. In my family, I have a younger sister as well who was scared of dogs and because of whom my parents didn’t agree to buy me a dog. But Bruno is very friendly with her and my parents are kind of happy by seeing that. He is very affectionate and friendly with strangers as well. It is very easy to train Bruno. He is a fast learner. He adapts to all the weather, whether hot or cold. He is the most sensitive kid in our family. He is a playful dog who loves to roam around and play with me. We go for an evening walk every day where he gets some fresh air and also gets to roam in the environment. He does not like being alone, he always sticks to me wherever we are. Even at home, we have set up his bed near mine so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

    Overall, he is a playful dog who is affectionate with everyone. He likes playing with me and I feel good being with him.

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