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Activity Discussion General Discussion Joint family is better than a nuclear family. Reply To: Joint family is better than a nuclear family.

  • Soniya

    June 11, 2021 at 3:31 am
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    The joint family structure, like every other social arrangement, has pros and cons. Many people, however, emphasized the value of a combined family. Even in this era of nuclear families, the joint family system still exists and is significant.

    A child raised in a joint family knows to live collectively, appreciate others, and is always surrounded by people with whom they can communicate, play, and exchange their thoughts and experiences, whereas a child raised in a nuclear family would become lonely not all of us can live in such a quiet environment. Kids who grow up with cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents have the chance to establish close ties with all of them. Especially the link that practically every youngster has with their grandparents. This is one of the most important qualities of a combined home.

    Living in a joint family encourages you to respect your elders and younger siblings, as well as to coexist peacefully with one another, which is essential for a happy existence. We should encourage families to live together in the future.A large family functions as a cohesive unit, especially when it comes to household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Family members get together to guarantee that duties are completed on time, if not ahead of schedule. In a nutshell, no one in the family experiences work-related stress.

    For monthly bills, all working family members donate to the household fund. As a safety net, this mechanism is also in place. When a member loses a job or loses his or her employment, others band together to guarantee that his or her basic necessities are met.There really is no concept of privacy in a joint family, and it is hard to manage a private existence without the engagement of someone else.

    Residing in a joint family can be absolutely exhausting since there are more opportunities for family members to get embroiled in pointless conflicts based on misunderstandings and rivalry.

    In simple words, a nuclear family consists of a father, mother, and their children. A nuclear family is also a self-contained unit, free of the influence of relatives and elders. There is a deterioration in the relationship between family members.Disputes are unavoidable in any household or residence; they are an inevitable part of life. But nevertheless, because the proportion of people in a nuclear family is smaller than in a joint family, there is a chance of fewer conflicts.Because there are fewer people in a nuclear family, expenses may be lower.In contrast to a joint family, there is no sharing of duty in a nuclear family.Parents must bear responsibility of their children on the whole.The family’s head of household must work hard in order to provide for his family. The importance of peace and wealth in a happy family relationship cannot be overstated.Misunderstandings are guaranteed to occur in every family; but, because the number of individuals in a nuclear family is smaller, there is a chance that misunderstandings will be reduced. Women also have time to organise and manage their homes and follow their own methods and will according to their own ideas. There is no fear of interference from the relatives or elders.

    But there are many disadvantages also.Since they reside apart, the ancestral assets are distributed among the children, resulting in financial losses. Because both the husband and the wife work, the children often feel abandoned and crave for emotional assistance .They may feel emotionally lonely and anxious.Working parents may be too busy in their hectic schedule to spend enough time with their children, resulting in youngsters following the incorrect direction.Individuals who do not have the opportunity to engage with other family members often tend to become socially awkward and cut off. One of the major drawbacks of the nuclear family is the feeling of being alone.

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