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Activity Discussion Essay essay on science in everyday life Reply To: essay on science in everyday life

  • Ishita

    June 12, 2021 at 11:51 am
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    Science on everyday life

    Science is a blessing in our life. We can’t survive a single day without science. The best thing happened to us. Science relieves all our problems and suffering. Science most efficiently plays the role of the most reliable servant of mankind. We required science in everything, whether inside or outside. Science has made every luxurious item cheaper so which brought it to the reach of everyone. Computers are the best benefit of science. We can not imagine our lives without this technology. Huge number of employees belong to the computer . Besides, computer science provides us with the internet, which comes as the biggest source of entertainment in our lives. Every electronic device like fan, air conditioner, Microwave, fridge, the most needed things for our survival come as a gift of science. Can we ever imagine our lives without these things? Thus science comes as a blessing to us. In spite of giving us tremendous benefit it also has a negative side. It give us so many opportunity that many unkind and dishonest people use it badly. Many crimes and corruption is committed under the shed of science. Many act of terrorism is conducted by the help of it. Various destructive weapons like gunpowder, nuclear bomb, made by the help of science. Science also harm our environment through pollution and various fatal disease like cancer, radioactive sickness, and cardiovascular are cause by it. So the nature calamity like global warming ,acid rain is caused by it.But all things in our lives has good and bad side, if we use it for the good nothing deadly can’t be ever happened with us. So we have to use it proper way thus it will become a blessing for all of us.

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