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  • Ishita

    June 14, 2021 at 2:25 pm
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    Child labor

    Child labor is become a common things in today. Children who are not affordable for studies are involved in working at very below age. Employment of children below the age is called as child labor, which is seen from country to country to country. In India the age limit for children under 14 years in any factory or company employing is illegal. But still many children are seen to be working in many construction sites, shops and households. While there are many laws in India which prevent child labor but still it is unstoppable. The main reasons are lack of facilities, poverty, overpopulation and corruption that leads many innocent children into labor in this country. According to a statement in Wikipedia over 217 million children across the globe are working majority full time. Over 10.1 million children are from India, working as the main or marginal workers. The people who do not have access to give their children proper education they untimely put them into work. They only think about feeding their families. The unkind people have the money-saving attitude,in various industries it is a major cause of child labour. They want to hire children because they pay them less for the same work as an adult. Children can work more than adults and also at fewer wages, they prefer children. It is easy for them to influence and manipulate them. Profit is their only motto and this is why they engage children in factories. If we wish to prevent children from labouring we should spread awareness about it. We should stop children from working and awre them about the value of education. We also have to spread this awareness among the parents. If we make education free,we will be able to educate more and more children who won’t have to do labouring. Moreover, we should also make people aware of the harmful consequences of child labour. If the government and people can come together on this issue then we can give many children a normal childhood and a better future.

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