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  • tanya

    June 14, 2021 at 3:48 pm
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    Women Empowerment- the blend of two strong words- women and empowerment. Empowerment means to give control or authority to someone. So, overall women empowerment means to provide power in the hands of women. It means to give equal importance to women in all fields irrespective of any discrimination.

    Our society consists of both men and women. In earlier times, men were the sole earners of the house. They were considered to be the decision-makers of the family. Women did not have any say in the decisions taken by men. Women were just responsible for the household work and taking care of children. So, the roles were discriminated against on the basis of gender. They were not allowed to study much nor were they allowed to get involved in jobs.

    Now, a new terminology has been introduced in society i.e, Women Empowerment. It is the process that provides women to have a happy and respectable stand in society. They are provided multiple opportunities these days like in the field of education, profession, lifestyle, etc. It includes educating them without any restrictions. Once they get educated, they are free to choose their profession. They are then also allowed to take important family decisions. Once they are given this authority, they automatically feel empowered.

    Women’s Empowerment is the most essential point of the overall development of society these days. In a family, if a man is a sole earner and in another family, if man and woman both are the earning members, we can very well imagine which family will have a well-improved lifestyle. As an individual, we should start respecting women in every possible way. We should motivate them to take up jobs that they like and not discourage them in any field.

    Women these days are climbing up great heights. They are overpowering men in every possible field. And we should always be there to encourage them in whatever way we can.

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