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Activity Discussion General Discussion Importance of making plans Reply To: Importance of making plans

  • Anushree

    June 14, 2021 at 7:58 pm
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    Planning things before hand helps a lot in execution, it is very important to plan, decide and do a certain amount of research work on a certain thing before starting on with anything any job any project. Planning helps us to estimate the skills and perks also the resources which we will be needing for executing a certain job. Planning helps us to do the back of the envelop calculation which also helps in predicting certain rise and fall.

    The habit to plan is an integral part and should be incorporated since a very young age, we can start by planning our daily routine and maintaining it, it is easy to plan things but the main task lies in executing the same. Execution is the most important part and is the tougher part of the plan. While planning one must keep in mind to plan according to one’s own ability and not flow in to unrealistic context this will fail execution and will finally lead to demotivation and is thus not at all encouraged to plan things which are not achievable. Also one must tend to increase their capabilities gradually this will make them more confident and will also bring overall improvement.

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