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  • Ishita

    June 15, 2021 at 5:16 pm
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    Look before you leap

    “Look before you leap” this phrase is very significant in everyone’s life. We all learn about this from the Story of fox and a foolish goat. The goat leapt into the well without thinking of the consequences of how he would come out. It is basically a moral which gives us a lesson about how a rash decision will lead to harmful consequences. Like the goat jumping into the well without knowing it’s depth or flow. One should always think before making a decision. One should think about the consequences rationally and logically to reach a conclusion. Quick decision is good but rushing to make an important decision is not appropriate. Even if one has to act on impulse and has no time to think about stuff or if he is in times of an emergency, then also have a proper thought of mind and then do something. But it is true that quick decision making should be coupled with justice. It is always better to think twice. It will lead you to a bright and great future. Only foolish people rush into things, clever one always think rationally. Overpowering emotion can make a person unthinkable but still you have to pull yourself together and move on. Temporary charm will lead us in unknowingly surge ahead on the slippery and slimy path of destruction. It fails to assess their situation, circumstances and the atmosphere around them. You will fail to see the real picture as they are covered by their hasty nature. You even fail to analyse their abilities and also fail to recognise the abilities of the proper and right direction. So if you want to be successful in mind make it clear that you never gonna rush to taking decision. It will just through you to a destructive future.

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