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Activity Discussion General Discussion What negative impact Mobile phone make in children? Reply To: What negative impact Mobile phone make in children?

  • Shivani

    June 22, 2021 at 8:05 am
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    1. Tumors

    We don’t want to scare you with this information, but it’s worth it to know that studies suggest a possible increased risk of cancer in those who use cell phones are to be exaggerated. There is limited evidence that the tumors were caused by the radiation of a mobile phone, but as a parent, you can limit the time that children are using their mobile phones in order to prevent all potential security threats.

    2. Effect On The Activity Of

    Research has shown that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation; however, more research is needed in order to prove that the radiation may interfere with the operation of the activity of the brain. Since mobile phones are usually powered by electromagnetic waves of any form of communication, even in the single and in the brain, it has its own electrical impulse, in which the communication is being carried out on a neural network, it can have an effect on the brain. However, as mentioned earlier, further investigation is required in order to prove that the radiation effect on the activity.

    3. Results

    A lot of children to carry their phones with them to school. It’s socialising with friends or to play games at school or even in the classroom is growing day by day. This leads to the fact that the children did not pay attention in class, they miss out on key findings, and, as a result, does not know anything about the trials and tests.

    4. Academic Misconduct

    Smart phones not only distract children from their studies, but it can also be a tool for them to cheat and pass exams, and to be good. With the help of the built-in calculator in the exams, which is not permitted for the storage of the pictures or information, in order to cheat on the exam, or even to exchange comments with other students, to chat with during the exam, have often been observed in the number of educational institutions. This is a problem that affects not only academic performance, but also leads to the resolution of personal problems.

    5. Inappropriate media

    Just like any other gadget, the mobile phone is a device that can be used for evil purposes. Children will be able to come in unsolicited messages, images, or content that can be shared by friends and members of the group, as well as to pass on to others in the future. They will be able to find their way in to porn at a very young age due to the change in perception and thought patterns. And even irresponsible, to share their images, they may lead to the failure of an impact on their lives, and for a long period of time.

    6. Sleep disorders

    The children are allowed to stay up late and chat with friends, play games or browse the internet, on social media, resulting in fatigue and anxiety, and for a certain period of time. It interferes with the academic life, as well as for the children, too sleepy to focus on what they have learned at school. Hence, it has a knock-on effect is that it seeps into all areas of their lives.

    7. Medical Conditions

    With children, it is glued to a cell phone in their spare time, and do not participate in physical activity, and did not go out into the fresh air. This puts them at risk of obesity and other disorders, which in turn can grow into the harmful diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

    8. Mental Health

    The children in the social networks, in touch with, which is to harass and intimidate them on the Internet. Many of the children who have been victims of cyber-violence, it can only count on their own experiences, much later in life, when the mental damage has already been done. Social media can also lead to depression and anxiety in children do not get the expected attention online.

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