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Activity Discussion General Discussion What negative impact Mobile phone make in children? Reply To: What negative impact Mobile phone make in children?

  • Anushree

    June 22, 2021 at 11:06 pm
    Not Helpful

    Mobile phones are a great invention which helps us human beings and help us in every step of life, but everything comes with its own advantages and disadvantages mobile phones also have some disadvantages one of the majors among them is their affect on children. Children gets very easily addicted to mobile phones due to their interactive interface, they get addicted to the online games which kills a lot of their time and also hampers their studies and degrades their education. Children nowadays are also involved in various social media which also consumes a lot of time and gets a lot of unwanted stuffs into their heads and this causes many problems even some may extend to hamper their mental peace; all these disturbs their sleep cycle even which is a very important factor. They are also subjected to obesity and improper mental development; technology tends to make them impatient and they lose control on themselves and are carried away by influencers in the online platform. They are getting exposed to a lot of content which is not supposed to be there for their age, they are becoming arrogant and are not ready to compromise at any cost. Technology also impacts on family bonding to kids and develops loose ends.

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