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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why it the importance of mother language? Reply To: Why it the importance of mother language?

  • Shivani

    June 26, 2021 at 8:14 am
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    With the increase of the migration and the growing popularity of international schools, the number of children who are studying in a language other than their mother tongue, and is growing rapidly.

    Our research shows that it has a strong language foundation that will lead to a better understanding of your learning, as well as a more positive attitude toward school, so it’s very important for the kids to keep in their first language when they start learning another language.

    The importance of the native language, may often be referred to as a mother tongue or native language. This is the second most spoken language. However, the importance of the mother tongue, will always refer to the language in which the child is used to, from the birth of the most important and influential events in the life of a child. For example, there are cases in which a child is brought up to the pre-school age, in a particular language, in a house where a mother, father, or other family members to speak, and because he lives in a different country, it starts to learn the language that is spoken in their interactions, such as social groups, schools, etc,.

    The importance of a child’s mother tongue, is more than just a language and a child’s personal, social, and cultural identity. The choice of words and expressions, and has a number of different meanings in different cultures, and, in one language, then, is the set of direct questions, it is unfortunate, then, in the other it is full of questions. This means that the language that will be used during the call will be treated before it is published.

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