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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is it important to upgrade our lives according to the generations? Reply To: Why is it important to upgrade our lives according to the generations?

  • Shweta

    June 26, 2021 at 10:43 am
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    It is always important and the most vital part of our life to upgrade our lives according to the generations. As we all know that our world is moving so fast whether it is a field of science or technology. the change and updates are being so fast that people are getting modern everyday. henceforth, to keep pace with fast moving world we need to upgrade ourselves as well. it is because the generation is as well keeping pace with it.

    the technologies

    the change in the technologies and the improvements in it are being utilized by the todays generation the most. the technologies has made our lives so easy that we need to do nothing just to learn how to operate and use the things at right time. the technologies has become a vital part of our lives and to lead a comfortable life, one needs to keep pace with the advanced science and technology.

    the fashion sense

    the next thing is the fashion sense and the trends. to improve and your personality one should always be upgraded with the clothes. it is not that one should spend most of their money earnings. but whenever you buy your clothes and accessories it should be updated as according to the todays generation.

    henceforth, all such mentalities and minds should always needs to get updated with the change in generation. it will make your life easier.

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