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Activity Discussion General Discussion Write an autobiography of a bed Reply To: Write an autobiography of a bed

  • Anushree

    June 26, 2021 at 7:54 pm
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    I was manufactured in a factory where my body was composed of the wood from teak tree after my structure was framed, I was polished with shiny wood polish of the shade brownish black and then was set to rest, after my polish did try, I was sent to a showroom where I was showcased with a very soft mattress. One fine day a lady came and choose me then I went to their home and was placed in the room of the lady’s daughter, she was a young teenager who had very less use of me, she came to me twice a day once during the noon to take a quick power nap and then late at night to get her sleep, rest of the day I was kept dressed in bright beautiful bedcovers with a lot of soft pillows on me which enhanced my look. Days passed like this, I was leading a carefree life soon years passed and I lost my glaze also my plies were weak are were coming out and the family decided to get rid of me. They got me exchanged in the same showroom from where they picked me up years age and got home a new one.

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