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Activity Discussion General Discussion Bicycles- How bicycles are helpful to reduce pollution. Reply To: Bicycles- How bicycles are helpful to reduce pollution.

  • Aruja

    June 29, 2021 at 3:44 pm
    Not Helpful

    Every day a large number of people go to many different places for work purposes, maybe for some other important work. But they have to move out of their houses and cover a long distance. So there are two ways either use the public transport or their personal one. Most of the people prefer their own vehicles because people don’t really like to travel with public transport. So there are a number of vehicles moving on the road that we can see on daily basis and those vehicles create a lot of pollution. We can often see that people have to go a little away from their houses, still they use their own cars or motorbikes, they do not prefer to walk or to take public transport to reach there destination. Best alternative of all is take a bicycle, you can go as far as you want from a bicycle. It is time taking, but it is worth it. It create less pollution, it do not require petrol, so it is not gonna be expensive, it is a one time investment and the most important thing is that it is helpful in building your health. There are countless advantages of riding a bicycle instead of using your private vehicle.

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