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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How is science and technology used in society? Reply To: How is science and technology used in society?

  • Aruja

    June 29, 2021 at 4:00 pm
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    Science and Technology has a big role in the development of society. we can say that these are the things that are the backbone of any Industries because without science you cannot go through the old theories, facts and researches and without Technology you cannot communicate with each other and if you are working in this modern world and on your development, Technology is very important in the world right now and science is responsible and important for inventing new things.

    Now let’s talk about individual e about how science and technologies are important and is used in society.

    Science is a very well known term that had been used in this society from a very long time because whenever we Look upon the development of any country we always measure the development of science industry like chemical industries and The Other industries for achievements, new theories, researches and factor discovered in any countries. That is a very important mark. Then through the times we come across many new things, prospective of life, the ways of doing different things, new elements and organisms Discovery, new Discoveries that is done through science, so these all things are important to develop the society to discover new thing.

    Technology is the most important thing for the development as well as the importance in society of Technology is above than anything else. People are developing, people are reaching out to new resources that make there life more easy and luxuries and happy. Some examples from the field of Technology is cell phone, televisions and many other appliances that are created and develop the importance of Technology in this society. We need cell phone on daily basis that is technology, we have to communicate to people, we need internet, we need television, we need satellite connections and these things are related to technology. we need them we cannot survive without them and it is not within the country is all over the world because Technology connect country to another country it is a very good medium connect people.

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