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Activity Discussion Essay Importance of reading books Reply To: Importance of reading books

  • Ishita

    July 1, 2021 at 1:23 pm
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    Importance of Reading Book

    Reading is a very good habit which is quite missing in this generation. Good books gain your knowledge and enlighten you. There is no better friend than a book. Sometimes when you are lost in life a good book guides you in the right direction. Once you start reading you become more and more addicted to it. Reading develops language skills and vocabulary. It can also relax your mind and reduce your stress. It is important to read a good book at least for a few minutes in a day as it stretches the brain muscles for healthy functioning. Books can become your best friend, you can rely on them when you are bored, depressed, upset and lonely. You can learn a lot of new information from it. Good books guide you in the right path of your life. Reading can make your mind positive. Because it develops your mind and gives you many lessons and knowledge of life. It keeps your mind active and enhances your creative ability. It helps to understand the world in a better way. It is very effective to enhance your vocabulary skills and communication. It can help you learn the language. It can also improve your writing skills. Good communication is very important in life. Books help you learn about the culture, habitat, tradition, art of all around the world. It can make a positive impact on your soul, body and mind. Reading is indeed a great pleasure. Once you start reading you can’t leave it without finishing it. Reading can also enhance your creativity level. It helps you explore the various perspectives of life. When you get bored in a place a good book can reduce your boredom and give you a better mood. So we can say reading is one of the best qualities a person can have . So it’s very important to improve reading skills. Give it a shot and you will never be disappointed. It is the most enjoyable experience you can ever have.

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