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Activity Discussion Essay Importance of reading books Reply To: Importance of reading books

  • Anushree

    July 1, 2021 at 7:34 pm
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    Book reading is a very good practice and is encouraged for people of all ages. Books are one of the greatest sources of knowledge and we have often heard the saying that a book is a man’s best friend and the most trustworthy companion to spend endless time with. Book reading habit is generally grown in tender ages with small steps like fairy tales or some comic book and when people get to find their own stories and a lot of information which are useful in daily lives, they get attracted to them,

    Importance of reading books:

    1. Reading books enlightens us it makes us knowledgeable; we get to know about various facts and figures which helps us staying updated to the world.

    2. Reading books also increases our vocabulary and we also grow writing and speaking skills reading various pieces thus reading also helps in improving communication.

    3. Reading books also helps us concentrate and makes us focused towards a particular thing.

    4. At times it even gives us many life lessons along with guiding us to the right path in life.

    5. At times some heart touching stories also helps to sooth our disturbed human brain.

    Thus developing reading habits is highly encouraged.

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