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Activity Discussion Essay Words hurt more than swords. Reply To: Words hurt more than swords.

  • Shivani

    July 4, 2021 at 8:20 am
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    God did indeed create this strange organ called the tongue even though it is soft as a nubile woman, but it has enough power to degrade, criticize, excommunicate and attract man. Have you ever wondered why people are so accustomed to depression, depression and grief? It’s all because of the words. The prevalence of divorce occurs as a result of exchanging vows between partners not only destroying a happy home, but also creating a sense of hatred and fear in the minds of the children. Such minor conflicts lead to domestic violence.

    Especially in a country like India, most people speak very abusive words and unfortunately these abusive or bad words live on their mother and sister. What could be the main reason for pronunciation? -Increased illiteracy, unemployment, fighting for a particular life or depression. Whatever the reason, we are prone to be attacked by such unwholesome information in our daily lives. The choice of bad words often damages humanity because of the many words. Whether you are traveling by train or by bus, you are likely to witness minor incidents and later the conflict turns into a personal war and an exchange of swearing or war. I never knew why people always wanted to create space with little things and prove themselves as a certain hero.

    In a world of unity, workers are treated as a production machine and not as a human machine. Even the slightest mistake made by an officer in a company is treated as a crime and he is attacked with criticism, insults and heartbreaking words until he leaves his job or loses hope in life. Words like ‘robbery, defeat, inefficiency, rejection’ are enough to cripple a person for life. Many people quit their jobs not because of their job, but because of their terrible bosses who end up harassing 24 × 7.

    According to research, most people have gone mad or attempted suicide and the main reason for this act is verbal abuse from anyone – interviewer, friend, lover, relative, office colleague or even family members. Rejection of love, work or any other opportunity occurs because of the words spoken by the people we meet in everyday life. We may not remember a person years ago, but words always ring in our ears. The human race finds great pleasure in taking things from people. Unfortunately, some people view it as an act of courage to demean or insult people by using bad language and insults. But such acts are merely an expression of their true cowardice.

    Actions such as criticism, insults, abusive speech, and bullying have never made anyone a hero, but they have certainly created new emotions such as hatred and resentment. Even well-known author Thomas Hardy was so widely criticized for his novels that he never considered writing any novel for the rest of his life. Such was the negative impact of words on Thomas Hardy.

    A word that builds up can destroy a person, but a word that can hurt a person can ruin his confidence. It is up to us to choose the right word and to be careful that we do not hurt anyone with our speech. This article may sound slow, sensible and bitter, but it is a true reflection of the health and heartbreak a normal person should be experiencing in one’s life.

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