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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Mahima

    July 5, 2021 at 11:59 pm
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    Humans and animals live on Planet Earth. Writing an essay about protecting the Earth can assist raise awareness about what is happening to the world. Life would not be possible without the needs provided by the Earth. The Earth provides us with every primary duty that we require to survive. It supplies water for drinking and functioning, air for breathing, and soil for vegetation growth.

    However, the planet Earth needs attention because its state is deteriorating. The acts of the human race have caused harm and destruction to the earth over time. We must all work together to rescue the planet.

    We should begin making efforts to rescue the Earth. Saving the Earth is an action that is urgently needed. It is critical to begin thinking about solutions to rescue the world. Humans have always utilized the Earth to satisfy their desires and gain. These actions are to blame for the Earth’s deterioration.

    Humans rely on the gifts that the earth has bestowed upon them. As a result, when resources are threatened, people will be unable to exist without them. It is one of the primary reasons we should begin attempting to rescue the Earth. If the planet ceases to exist, so does all life on Earth. We will perish if the Earth does not begin to heal.

    If everyone makes a modest effort, it will affect the world. When a person begins to carry his bottle and avoids using plastic, he or she is minimizing his or her usage of plastic.

    There are several additional things a person may do to help rescue the world, such as planting more trees. Deforestation will be reduced on a huge scale if everyone plants a few trees instead of chopping them down. It will also enhance the air quality and affect the entire atmosphere.

    Water is the planet’s most valuable gifts. However, even if there is a significant amount of water on Earth, it cannot be used entirely. Everyone relies on a small amount for everyday intake and use. We should reduce water waste and attempt to preserve it as much as feasible.

    Governments and citizens should work together to save the world. It is not possible to rely only on the government to rescue the world. Every individual should take a little step since every small step counts in rescuing the world. It is past time for us to begin caring for the Earth because it has provided us with several gifts that we have used to our benefit.

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