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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is pendulum? Reply To: What is pendulum?

  • Shivani

    July 6, 2021 at 10:56 am
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    In fact, pendulums are used daily in architecture, entertainment, music, ceremonies, science, and art. Although, strictly speaking, the function of the pendulum is to control movement and provide balance, anything hanging from the focus area and shifting to the arc provides a picture of the influence of the pendulum. The whole pendulum is a kind of weight suspended in a fixed position that swings freely with gravity and continues to move until another force arrives.


    The most popular use of pendulums is seen in clocks. Many clocks, especially the “grandfather clock,” use a pendulum to measure time. The pendulum swings back and forth at specific intervals determined by the length at which the pendulum is positioned. To measure time accurately, the pendulum clock must remain stationary. Any sudden movement of the clock disrupts the normal movement of the pendulum. Until the 1930’s, he was the world’s most accurate timekeeper. In the 21st century, pendulum clocks were highly regarded for their craftsmanship and beauty.

    Keeping the Beat

    The pendulum is applied to the metronome, which helps to keep the pace of the music. The days of the metronome date to the 19th century. An empty box with an attached moving pendulum and a fixed weight at the bottom. The number scale allows the artist to adjust the desired time in the playback episode. The scale shows the amount of fluctuations per minute so that the required rhythm cannot be compared to the music temple.

    Religious Practice

    A thurible or censer is a metal vessel, hung in one or more chains, where incense is burned. Incense is sprinkled on hot coals and, as the pilgrim at a religious ceremony blows to and fro, smoke rises, carrying the scent of burning incense.

    Gravity and divination

    Historically, people have used pendulum dowsing and divination in making decisions about life and access to water, gold, oil and other non-existent items. The belief that the pendulum acts as an “antenna,” picks up information in the force of meaning from humans, places, and objects. The doctor holds the end of the device motionless between the thumb and forefinger. The user asks a yes-or-no question and the pendulum swings left or right, clockwise or counterclockwise by providing a qualified ID with the answer. Pendulums are popular with witches, who use them to communicate with spirit mediums.

    Recreation and entertainment

    Go to the circus and see the swinging artist swinging like a pendulum in the air. Take a pirate trip to the amusement park and be one with the pendulum as your gondola seat shifts in a deep arc from one side to the other. Climb the pendulum as you roam the swing in your local park. Create a pendulum at the back of the house by tying an old wheel to a sturdy tree branch.

    Earthquake protection

    The design of San Francisco International Airport uses machines called Friction Pendulums to protect the building from damage to the ground. These supports create a pendulum movement that allows the structure to change with the movement of the ground, thus reducing the chances of catastrophic damage to the structure. Business buildings and bridges convey the same idea.

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