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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why do we recycle things like plastic? Reply To: Why do we recycle things like plastic?

  • Aruja

    July 6, 2021 at 5:17 pm
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    We all know how harmful plastic is, because it is not a natural product it is a human made product and everything that is natural can be decomposed very easily, where the human made products are not at all easily decomposed and they create a lot of pollution and harm to the nature. Plastic waste has polluted the land as well as the ocean on a very large scale, that now we are on the the edge of facing so many natural problems caused by the plastic pollution.

    Plastic pollute land as well as water.

    Plastic waste that has been produced on a very large scale on daily basis contributes in many natural calamities like climate change, floods drainage of groundwater, etc.

    They are harmful to wildlife as well as to humans.

    Plastic takes millions of year to decompose and if it is not decomposed it remains on the earth and affect many natural processes as it is present on a very large scale. That’s why it affects life of every living organism on the planet.

    The amount of plastic waste that is created on daily basis is so high that it cannot be cleaned up easily on daily basis, now.

    They are very tough to break down.

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