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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are different ways of teaching effectively? Reply To: What are different ways of teaching effectively?

  • Anushree

    July 6, 2021 at 8:01 pm
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    Different ways of teaching students effectively especially in this pandemic situation which can even be continued in future for effective studies.

    need to find new technology of smart teaching and should incorporate smart
    animations, classroom assignments which will even be helpful to evaluate
    the students.
    should be used in such a way to design the practice materials so that it
    ensures that students should not engage in some unethical means to get
    efforts are to be given on evaluation, teachers should go around and bring
    out innovative ways to judge a student and practical knowledge should be
    praised more than bookish knowledge.
    and student both should take care of the network connectivity and in case
    a student is from a rural place where network facilities cannot be
    exercised for them the institute should prepare recorded lectures and
    hardcopy of notes and ensure that it reaches the student in time.
    awareness must be spread amongst the students and they should be explained
    the importance of education to them as they are the future generation to
    carry forward the human race.
    should encourage interaction in class; this will help the teacher-student
    bond to grow and will upgrade the quality of the class, switching on the
    web cams of the students should also be enforced this will help with more engagement.
    should ensure that they engage themselves with active responding skills
    because without response it really becomes difficult for the teacher to
    move on.

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